Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Good morning! 🌞 It looks as if we'll have a lovely day here at the cottage. It's time to begin packing and cleaning Chippy's Hollow as we plan to cross the border for home next Thursday. 

Mark and I took the Scotties to the dock while he took a few casts ... 

Catch and release a small jack. 

BeeZee loves to watch Mark fishing! When he catches something she "yells!" 😂 Crazy girl. 

So RanDawn are in Michigan for a week enjoying her family. Hope we'll get a few pictures of the weekend's reunion! 

We had banking in Kenora this afternoon and picked up a bag of dog kibble to see us home to Florida. (I thought we'd brought enough, but not so.) $12 at home, $28 here. Ka-Ching. 😳

Happy hour was delightful ... a few boating way out on the bay; but quiet and peaceful where we sat. 

Tonight was doggie grooming ... a brushing and pedicure.  💅🏻 

Tomorrow is a dock party at the Wallace's home. We'll be cooking chicken balls with garlic honey sauce as an appie. 

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