Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday, August 7, 2017

Good morning. Gavin and Kyle went upstairs for Wayne's blueberry pancakes ... Mark and I ate some chocolate cake. We were too lazy to cook breakfast this morning. Now we're off for laundry.

Well, that was kind of a crazy trip. We got to Keewatin Place about 10 (on a holiday Monday!) and washers were full! One family beat us there, and brought their children along for entertainment. Yikes. This area needs more laundromats! So, we went to Shoppers in downtown Kenora ... then to No Frills for a few obscure ingredients we need for Wednesday's dinner party. The laundromat was still busy when we came back an hour and a half later, so maybe tomorrow we will get clean clothes. Yucky. 

Wayne is cooking hamburgers for all of us about 130. Today, Gavin and Kyle go home to Winnipeg with their parents. We are certainly going to miss them here. 😟 

After lunch, Mark suggested a game of corn toss. Ron and Gavin were the eventual winners although it was a close game all the way!

Kyle, Penny, Ron and Cody ... 

Gavin and Wayne ... complete focusation! 😜

The boys hauling their gear up to the driveway ... a long climb. 

Saying bye bye to 2 1/2 Cody. 💕

They were on the road by 4:30 so the 4 of us headed to the dock for happy hour.  A surprise rainstorm drove us into the boathouse for a few minutes while it passed; then we enjoyed the glider! Tonight, just chilling. Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

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