Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Good morning 😃 ... my decorating is complete ... gift shopping, not. 

The B-I-G news is Diane & Kris took the plunge into RVing with a 37' Windsport. (Go big or stay home I always say!) 😎

YEP! It's big. Diane frightened the salespeople with her NASCAR skills. 😱

We "think" this is the floor plan ... Diane wasn't entirely certain. Tomorrow, they pick it up at the dealer. With this purchase, there's no shortage of gift ideas for Diane & Kris. 👍🏻 (We shall look forward to RVing with them.) 

So, when Mark arrived home from his daily routine, we did our Christmas "swabbing decks" and then went gift shopping ... plus champagne shopping! Proceccio is on hand for celebrating our family's newlyweds. 

Randy called at 6:30 while he was cooking dinner for Dawn. Salmon steaks and broccoli is on their plates tonight. 

Sue was bowling yesterday with "the gang" ... 
Great scores after a long hiatus!  Excellent bowling Greg! (Mark and I have been slackers lately but after the holidays, we will get back at it!)

It's a good time to wish everyone Happy Holidays. We wish all our friends and family peace and prosperity with good health. ❤

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