Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Good morning from sunny Central Florida where it is 65° at 9. Mark whipped up a wonderful breakfast of bacon, sausages, eggs and leftover potatoes for Sue, Wayne and us. We've all had such a fun time over the last three (busy) days. Unfortunately, the parties over and the K's are on their way home to South Florida. 


It certainly is more fun to decorate for Christmas than  it is to tidy up afterwards. Ha ha. I will begin the gradual putting away starting now. 

Mark arrived home from his battle with Home Depot over a Ryobi leaf blower. This is the second one that has broken down within two months. It is seldom used and should be holding up better than that! The impeller is made out of plastic and shatters! (Lew popped in later for a visit and gave Mark some idea of how best to return it. Haha. We shall see!  A few minutes later Lynn came by to say Merry Christmas and to update us on their cruise itinerary.)

We had a surprise phone call from Darlene to wish us a Merry Christmas. She had spent Christmas with Crystal and helped cook the dinner. When she got back home (fortunately her brother was with her) the back door to her house was packed with 5 feet of snow! The only way to get around right now is apparently four-wheel-drive! It sounded like she had a very nice Christmas and really enjoyed being with granddaughter Avery. 

Our friend Sharon called to say that her New Year's eve party is on again. Art is coming along fine after his minor stroke last week and is ready to 🎉! What a trooper. We'll take deviled eggs and wine to the party. 

Well that was our news for today. This evening, we are relaxing and watching Oak Island series about looking for lost treasure in Nova Scotia. 

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