Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday, December 23, 2016

Good morning. It's going to be a busy day in our household. Sue and Wayne will be arriving early afternoon. I am picking up our deli order then grocery shopping ... then cooking will begin in earnest tomorrow. 

Publix was crazy busy and sold out of many things! But, it's done! Tomorrow, Mark will handle the turkey and I'll do the potatoes. Christmas is a-coming!

BeeZee and Robbie sat on the front porch watching for Sue and Wayne to arrive. Notice how festive they look. 

At 2:20 the K's pulled in with their 45' Prevost. By 3:20 a party broke-out. Actually, we 4 sat on the front porch with Shorty Hotpants and Julius until it was time to feed and walk the doggies. 

Red Lobster wasn't overly busy tonight! (That's a first!) We had wine and a nice evening out and we're back home by 7:30. They retired to TV and an evening with their dogs and we did approximately the same. 

Tomorrow's another day as Nan used to tell us when we were wee ones.

Actually, tomorrow is Miles's 12th birthday! 
Melanie made this fabulous cake for Miles for his birthday celebration! It's quite amazing. (Twelve years!) we're looking forward to seeing pictures of his party. 

Ta Ta. 

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