Sunday, December 27, 2015

Un-Decorating 12/27/2015

My Ho Ho Ho is now "Oh-oh, where do I store all this decor?" Christmas usually lingers until New Year's Day, but not this year. Les & Lynne arrive Wednesday (or Thursday) on their annual trek to Pompano Beach. Randy & Dawn are joining in the fun on the 31st. (I like to decorate with blue for the event but, alas, I sold my Blue Willow china on eBay this year ... maybe the Aynsley Pembroke will venture out of the curios?) 

Our way too cool cousins in Australia had  a great 2015 update collage ...

THIS is how it looks when you know your way around Apple products! Nice job Mel. 

It's now noon, and all the Christmas decor is put away until next year. Whew! Mark's job taking down the outside lights morphed into cleaning the gutters. Well, you know one job leads to another.

We're thinking about our friends in Oklahoma and extended family in Mississippi today. The weather is definitely frightful. More than a dozen people died during a big tornado outbreak. Long track tornadoes in December are very rare. Bonnie and Roger are staying home and not venturing out today with the torrential rain in Tulsa. So many are driving home from their Christmas visits. Terrible!
Belize, relaxing with Bonnie & Roger this morning. 

Mark and I went bowling today for the first time in a month. I guess we were missed as several came over to say hello. Mark got a 144 and 141, under his average, and I got 106 and 111, under my average. But hey, we got out there and played 2 games. 

Randy and Dawn are stopping in for a visit with Robbie and then were all going to Stavros for supper tonight. That's going to work out just perfect for us. We forgot to go to the store for bread and lunch meat, so we will have cold pizza for lunch tomorrow! Alright! 

They arrived from their afternoon at the Hideaway on the motorcycle. After coming in to visit with Robbie for a few minutes, the bike didn't start; dead battery. of course the story of Fritz and he is dead battery was told and retold. LOL. Mark got his charger out, looked it up and we all went to dinner in the Kia. 

Randy & Dawn laughing over her Ravioli order ... because she thought she'd ordered lasagna. LOL. 

Now I promised my error would come out. I thought this was Monday and that we had 2 Betty Ford nights under our belt. Hahaha. Not true apparently! 

Pam, Mark's sister, and her daughter Christine are at the Giants/Minnesota football game tonight. Pam's son Daniel is a writer for the Giants. It looks chilly!

Well, we're waiting to hear that Randy and Dawn got home safely on the bike. So that's all for this evening.

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