Monday, December 28, 2015

Orlando Workday 12/28/15

It's 5:30 Mark! Time to get up. I'm very chipper first thing. Mark replies with "Ugh." With all the horrid weather about the USA we're waking up to 72F. Love Florida! Les and Lynne are staying in Canada until Tuesday when, hopefully, the weather has cleared and travel will be safer. We are still expecting them for New Year's Eve.

Our workday week began with the garage door repairman replacing the garage springs. Although it's a high tech, dangerous job, he managed to be on the phone with his wife or girlfriend for nearly half the repair time. Whatever! He replace the springs and the door works properly. Mark and I had the garage ceiling to paint, degreased the garage floor, wash the windows, remove a piece of fence, and dig out the muck around the front door. We had an audience today with all the kids off from school. After picking up the screens at H and W Windows we stopped at Home Depot for some garage floor paint. The paint pro tried to sell us a three-part series of paint. We got rid of him and picked up what we wanted ... Cheap cheap cheap. Haha. Mark redirected a sprinkler then dumped 400 lbs. of white rock around the front entrance sidewalk. It will stay much cleaner during rainstorms. I put 7 screens on that fit perfectly and 3 will need a little putty knife persuasion! It's just 82° today but in the sun and higher then normal humidity, it's brutal.

The neighbor's kids had a sweet Christmas with hoverboards, motorized scooters AND bikes. (Mark using the Sawzall to remove stubborn roots before digging out 2 wheelbarrow loads of muck. 
Much nicer now ... and drainage improved! 

You know those E Z Clean cloths I love? Well Bonnie tried one I sent her ... 
and was impressed. 

That's it for today! Mark is making us salads and we're going to veg. Haha. 

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