Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hot hot hot 12/29/15

Are we going to have a little cool weather this winter? Today's fun at the Orlando house is rewiring the sprinkler system, encouraging two screens to fit, and painting the garage floor. My secondary job is more grout lines in the house. Today is our last day here until the kitchen cabinets are installed. 

We're very concerned for our friend Jack C. He's in the ICU at Holy Cross, Fort Lauderdale undergoing tests to see what is causing his chest pain. Both Carol & Jack didn't want anyone to know, but he's been in there a few days now. We are hoping for a speedy recovery. 

We expect that Les and Lynne left Winnipeg today on their way to Florida. The winter storm Goliath moved out of their path and they should be clear to travel. We are looking forward to seeing them New Year's Eve. Randy and Dawn are going to join us for festivities. We tossed around a few ideas and decided on Ichi Ban for dinner then dessert and champagne at our house with a rousing game of Mexican Dominoes (and more champagne.) LOL. Most New Year's Eve's are spent at Lew and Lynn annual party, but this Lew took her on cruise to celebrate their 30th anniversary. 

Dawn wore her Swarovski pearls to work today ...
and received several compliments. Lookin' great Dawn!

I wanted Dawn's work pic to be first on the Blog today ... but here's our dirty little job. Haha. 
The garage floor & family room tiles. Yuck! The degreaser works well, very well indeed. It actually took 2 layers or dirt from the garage floor before I could begin painting. No, it's not engine oil ... just filthy bare feet coming in and out of the house to the garage. Really! 

Poor Robbie was sick tonight! He ate a regular dinner ... then two ice cubes and barfed 6 times! WTF? Mark thought we may have played with him too soon after eating. :-(

Well that's a wrap for tonight. We're taking our Kia for service tomorrow ... shopping ... bowling and date night out. Life is pretty darn good. 

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