Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Date Night 12/30/15

It's rather funny that hump day is also date night, no? We had many things to catch up on before fun and merriment begins anew.

Mark wore his new CANADA t-shirt, a Christmas gift. (Actually, all we can see in the photo is an NADA. Haha.)

Robbie thought it was a workday and stayed in his bed and was much relieved when we left him at home. Stop #1 was our Kia for its free oil change. (Three free a year at the dealership! Plus they have free breakfast and hot dogs!) LOL. No, we did not eat there but went to the Waffle House. (Sue and Wayne call it the "awful house", but this one is fairly new and very clean.) After a stop at Walgreens and another at the post office, Mark dropped me at home while he went grocery shopping. After a good floor scrubbing, I laid my new kitchen carpet, a Christmas gift. 
As you can see, it needs a bit of humidity to lay flat, and boy do we have that today. This morning when we left, it was 72° and foggy ... and now the sun is out it's humid! I repeat, when is it going to be winter-like? (Last year, our birdbath froze once.)

Bonnie & Roger sent a few pics of Belize. She's a beauty!
We're looking forward to adoption next month! Yay. 

Bowling was fun tonight. I "almost" beat Mark in one game, (he had a bad game and I had a good one), just 3 points behind. The lanes were crazy busy for $1 night. Randy beat me in the last game so I'm holding the big "L" this week. After, we went to Tiki West for shrimp and parm fries with Randy & Dawn. We always have fun with them! At 9 we came home for Robbie's walk. He's going to be a different doggie when Belize comes home with us! Haha. 

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