Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

Well, the weather outside was delightful, perhaps too warm for this time of year in Central Florida. We set our house A/C to 75F and all were comfortable. Sue and Wayne arrived Wednesday afternoon in their gorgeous Prevost motorhome which dwarfs our home's roofline.
That evening, Randy joined us for happy hour and then on to Stavros for dinner. Dawn was working until eight, so couldn't be with us. We had a wonderful dinner at Stavros Pizza as always, and Randy got a take-out order for Dawn. 

Thursday, Christmas Eve, I made lobster bisque for dinner. A special loaf of bread brought from Canada filled us up. We sat around the table telling stories and laughing til nearly midnight. 
Christmas morning, Sue and Wayne came in from the coach and had Mark's breakfast special ... cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and a half a bagel toasted. That filled us up until the appetizer of brie cheese that Sue and Wayne brought. By this time, Randy, Dawn, Diane and Kris had arrived. Apparently, there was some sort of sleeping potion in the brie cheese and several had naps before the turkey dinner. LOL
Robbie was kept busy with three four-legged companion's in the house with him. Although we didn't trust them all to be running around together, they were here! Belle, Diane and Kris's Chihuahua sat in her pink stroller; Robbie sat in his blue stroller while. Julius and Shorty hot pants were on Sue and Wayne's laps. 
Wayne took this photo, of us all ready for dinner. 

Afterwards, Diane and Kris went home to the villages with Belle while we six began a rousing game of Mexican train dominoes that lasted until midnight.

Boxing day, Randy and Dawn went shopping at Bells's for dinnerware and got the bargain they were looking for. Sue and Wayne packed up and we're home in Pompano by 430. It was a great Christmas and we're so happy all the family was together. 


  1. looks like you had a wonderful Christmas ...haha , sleeping potion in the Brie sure it was the red wine :-) x x

  2. I'm sticking with the Brie cheese story. LOL

  3. Did you really make dinner. You are becoming so domesticated.